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Subliminal Software - Subliminal Messages

Creating Wealth will come naturally to you when you use the powerful tools that are about to discover.
Subliminal Messages - Subliminal ImagesToronto, 2012
RE: Your life is going to Transform..
From: Subliminal Xtreme Software

Dear Friend,

Your life will transform rapid and permanent. Jump is possible if you have the right tools. You have all the Power you need to Create Success, Wealth and Love.

It is time. This is your moment.

Software Subliminal

Now You can do all you want.

Ask yourself right now:
  • Want to have more money to enjoy with your family?

Subliminal Messages - Subliminal Software to create Wealth

  • Do you want your life more exciting?
  • Want to improve your health?
  • Want to enjoy pleasant relationships?
  • Want to create new habits?
  • Want to improve your social skills?
  • Want to be more popular?
  • Do you want to cultivate patience?
  • Want to remove acne?
  • Want to improve your approach?
  • Want to increase your speed?
  • Want to improve your self esteem?
  • Want to improve your will power?


How to achieve the desired Goals?

Subliminal Messages - Subliminal Software to achive goals


You are about to learn how to achieve your desired goals.

The Secret to achieve your goals is that  You must impress your subconscious mind with mental images that correspond to your wishes. This is called the Law of Attraction.

This is not easy for most people, because they cannot keep your mind focused on the desired images, and is for that that Law of Attraction don work properly for most people.

How to focus your mind on what you want? How to achieve your goals with the power of focus? What is the secret?

You can Achieve your Goals using our Powerful Subliminal Technology in the form of the most Powerful Subliminal Software on the planet. This powerful software will help you to focus your attention on a subconscious level using the enormous power of Subliminal Messages.

This is the Secret to make Law of Attraction works: make your subconscious mind to focus on what you want, while you enjoy your life with people you love. 

You can easily Achieve your goals using Subliminal Technology.


What are Subliminal Messages?


Subliminal is that existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness.

Subliminal Messages are positive commands (affirmations) sent directly to your subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical thinking conscious mind.



Subliminal Messages Work


Did you know that the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has placed restrictions on using Subliminal Messages in advertising? Yes, They did.

But, Why? Because They WORK!!

Do You Want to harness the proven power of subliminal messages? Use your computer to program your subconscious mind.


George Bush (RATS) Subliminal Video


You can see a Subliminal Video created by the election when George Bush competed against Al Gore for the White House.

The video runs quite fast and is hard to notice how in about the second 24, the word RATS is highlighted big.

Note that the word RATS, big, appears just when talking about Al Gore.

This word is not consciously perceived, but if at a subconscious level, associating Al Gore with Rats.
Although we will not say that this was what led Geoge Bush win the election, the fact is that he won the election.

If you could not see the word in the video, we present an image extracted from the video subliminal.

Subliminal Video - Subliminal Images - George Bush Subliminal Video


You can see more Videos with Subliminal Messages here




Evidence about Subliminal Messages




Subliminal Messages Motivate People To Actually Do Things They Already Wanted To Do

Dutch researcher Martijn Veltkamp has demonstrated that you can motivate people with subliminal messaging: quickly flashing words onto a screen without their noticing.

NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) (2009, July 1). Subliminal Messages Motivate People To Actually Do Things They Already Wanted To Do. ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 28, 2012, from http://www.sciencedaily.com­ /releases/2009/06/090630163523.htm

Subliminal Learning Demonstrated In Human Brain

Although the idea that instrumental learning can occur subconsciously has been around for nearly a century, it had not been unequivocally demonstrated. Now, a new study published by Cell Press in the August 28 issue of the journal Neuron used sophisticated perceptual masking, computational modeling, and neuroimaging to show that instrumental learning can occur in the human brain without conscious processing of contextual cues.

"Humans frequently invoke an argument that their intuition can result in a better decision than conscious reasoning," says lead author Dr. Mathias Pessiglione from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at the University College London. "Such assertions may rely on subconscious associative learning between subliminal signals present in a given situation and choice outcomes." For instance, a seasoned poker player may play more successfully because of a learned association between monetary outcomes and subliminal behavioral manifestations of their opponents.


IMPORTANT: The researchers include Mathias Pessiglione, University College London, London, UK, INSERM U610, Universite´ Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France; Predrag Petrovic, University College London, London, UK Jean Daunizeau, University College London, London, UK; Stefano Palminteri, INSERM U610, Universite´ Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France; Raymond J. Dolan, University College London, London, UKand Chris D. Frith, University College London, London, UK.

Cell Press (2008, August 28). Subliminal Learning Demonstrated In Human Brain. ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 28, 2012, from http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/08/080827163810.htm


Losing Weight & Healthy Eating


  • Silverman et al conducted two experiments on subliminal perception with groups of 26 and 30 women. The women were at least 15% overweight. There were 2 groups, a 'subliminal group' and a 'control group'. Both groups were given some education on weight loss and healthy eating i.e. how to record calories accurately, eating at regular meal times, and how to reward themselves for eating healthily.
  • At the start and end of all the sessions, everyone was asked to image a situation in which they would be tempted to over eat. At this point they were exposed to a subliminal message for 4 milliseconds. Either a weight loss based subliminal message for the subliminal group or a neutral subliminal message for the control group.
  • In both cases the 'subliminal group' lost more weight than the control group, with the subliminal group losing significantly more by the end of the follow up period. It was concluded that the use of subliminal messaging was able to help people reduce their over eating habits.


Silverman, L.H., Martin, A., Ungaro, R., and Mendelsohn, E. "Effect of Subliminal Stimulation of Symbiotic Fantasies on Behavior Modification Treatment of Obesity." Clinical Psychology (1978).



Subliminal Motivation

"So was Vicary correct after all? Can we be prompted to think that we are thirsty not because of the time since our last drink, the state of our taste receptors, or the fluid needs of our tissues, but solely because of a word or scene that has been processed nonconsciously? ...our findings, along with the growing body of research in social cognition, suggest that there might be some truth to the suggestion that our motivational states are affected - and might even be caused - by preconsciously perceived stimuli." (Pg. 2225.)

Cooper, Joel and Grant Copper (2002), “Subliminal Motivation: A Story Revisited,” Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 32 (11), 2213-2227.



You can find more Subliminal Messages Scientific Research and Evidence of Subliminal Messaging Here.


“This's a Amazing Product!!”
This Software is Amazing. You Really don't know your Power until You discover what your mind can do.   You can do it!, You can do it!!. You will do it with Subliminal Xtreme. What are you waiting? I recommend it.
Sam Michaels, USA


“I am Happy!”
My life was different. I had no job, had no girlfriend and I had no hopes of getting something. I had read, had attended seminars and nothing. Suddenly something took me to a site where I read about Subliminal Xtreme. I decided to try it with some skepticism I must admit. After a couple of weeks of use I met a girl. her friend needed someone to help with a new company. Woola ... Now I m happy. What else I can ask? I'm on autopilot!!!
Nathan Stevenson, Vancouver, Canada





Presenting the Revolutionary
Subliminal Xtreme Messaging Software


Subliminal Xtreme is the most Powerful Subliminal Software there. It combines fascinates elements that make it the world's number one tool for personal development. the creation of WEALTH, SUCCESS, HAPPINESS, BETTER RELATIONSHIPS AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT is a few clicks away.


Subliminal Xtreme FLASHES SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES ON SCREEN WHILE YOU WORK OR PLAY, WATCH VIDEOS, etc. reprogramming your mind at the subconscious level while your conscious mind works on other tasks.


Now you can reprogram your subconscious mind while working, while playing games, while browsing the Internet, while chat your friends and while doing anything else on your computer.

Our high-tech subliminal mind programming software produce quick results.



What is Subliminal Xtreme?


Subliminal Xtreme is a Powerful, High-Tech, Subliminal Messaging and Images Software Program.

Subliminal Xtreme is Powerful and Easy to use: you just select the categories and press "Start Session". Watch the following video on its use.



More videos Here


Subliminal Xtreme is applicable to any area of your life that you want to improve: Notice in the video above the huge amount of pre-installed categories. Also you can install your own categories.

Subliminal Xtreme works silently while you do anything else on your computer: After selecting the categories, you can minimize the software and this will work quietly without you noticing. You can also select the option that makes the software to start automatically when Windows starts. That means you only need to program once and then forget about consciously using the software. This increases the power of subliminal messages.


What makes Subliminal Xtreme most powerful Subliminal Software on the planet?



Subliminal Xtreme has what other software...,         and has much more.






Subliminal Xtreme has the common characteristics of a Subliminal Software like showing Subliminal Affirmations on the screen.

These features include:


Select Messages

You can customize your own session building your active message list by selecting the categories You Want. You can select as many as you like.



Edit /Create Categories and Messages

Built in message editor lets you make changes to current messages or create your own. This Powerful Software give you complete control over the messages you want to Subliminally Shows in your PC or Laptop.

You can add any category you want with subliminal messages and images that you want.



Configure your Sessions

You can set flash speed, message interval, message size and color, and much more.



Set the opacity or transparency of Subliminal Messages and Images

Subliminal Xtreme allows you to adjust the transparency of images and messages. You can turn the messages are invisible as desired.







But besides that, Subliminal Xtreme has special features and advanced features that increase the effectiveness of Subliminal Messages. The Secret Power To Achieve....


This Subliminal Software Plays Subliminal Audios, Isochronic Audios, Music, and ...


 Subliminal Xtreme is pure Power, plays audio: You can listen to music, Subliminal Audios, Isochronic Audios (Audios with Isochronic tones), Binaural Beats, ...,  while programming your mind with Subliminal Messages and Images.

You can enjoy various technologies at the same time with minimal resource consumption. Subliminal Xtreme has capabilities to play MP3 files while presenting Subliminal Messages on your screen.


Create Subliminal Images


Subliminal Xtreme has the ability to display Subliminal Messages in text and also converts any image into Subliminal Image. This means you can turn a "solid" image, anything you want, in a Subliminal Image and achieve your Subconscious Mind accepts what is in that image as a truth, and then manifest that mental reality in your material world .

Why Subliminal Images are so Important?

Subliminal Images - Subliminal Software

Can you imagine the wealth you are going to create when this image becomes part of your Subconscious Mind?


Let's see what the science says, according to a recent study (Article: Subliminal images impact on brain, BBC):

"The brain does register subliminal images even if a person is unaware they have seen them, UK researchers report."

"The research, in Current Biology, suggests subliminal advertising is probably effective."

"The researchers cite the example of the film Fight Club, where a character who works as a cinema projectionist inserts a single frame of pornography into the 24 frames of a film shown each second.
In the movie, those watching were unaware of the split-second shot, but felt depressed or aggressive afterwards."

"Although it has long been thought that subliminal images can be detected without people being aware of them, and have been used in techniques such as subliminal advertising, this is the first time researchers have provided physiological evidence of the impact."

"Using functional MRI brain scanning, the researchers found that during the easy task the brain registered the 'invisible' object although the participants were unaware they had seen it.
This was highlighted by activity in a part of the brain called the primary visual cortex."

"Dr Bahador Bahrami, UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, said: "What's interesting here is that your brain does log things that you aren't even aware of and can't ever become aware of."

"These findings point to the sort of impact that subliminal advertising may have on the brain."

To view the full article on the BBC website, click here.


Note: for a limited time we are providing software to touch up images, so you can put your face in the situations you want. Below are the bonuses.



Dual Subliminal Messages

Subliminal Xtreme has the ability to display Dual Subliminal Messages. Dual Subliminal Messages, it means double action, double power.

This means that your mind be reprogrammed faster and deeper. Your mind will receive a powerful Subliminal Cocktail.


Dual Subliminal Images

Subliminal Xtreme has the ability to display Dual Subliminal Images. The Dual Images allow a wider range of programming you want.



Mirroring Subliminal Messages

Subliminal Xtreme has the ability to create and display Reverse Subliminal Messages (Mirroring Technique ). This technique is now taught in many schools of occultism for their enormous power. Leonardo Da Vinci used it.

Sometimes this is called "Reverse Speech", mainly when is detected in people speech.


Reverse Speech Example


 “Sgurd gnisu eb yam yeht ekil sdnuos ti esuaceb wal eht kcab taeb ot evah yam siht did ohw elpoep eht, noos.” Responded Margita Thompson, spokeswoman for the former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in allusion to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gubernatorial acceptance speech, what reversed: “Soon, I’ll beat the law.”

The normal speech is: “Soon, the people who did this may have to beat back the law because it sounds like they may be using drugs.”

It is curious to note that Schwarzenegger starred in the movie "999". In one of the parts of that movie, a priest explained that in dreams the characters appear in reverse and that 666 is actually 999.


Special Subliminal Messages: Mixed Up Letters


Subliminal Xtreme has the ability to build and display subliminal messages with Mixed Up Letters, increasing their power.

With this technique subliminal messages will become more and more effective and focused on your subconscious mind.


Special Subliminal Messages: messages with rotation of words


Subliminal Xtreme has the ability to create and display Subliminal Messages in various angles. The angle of presentation of the Subliminal Messages will adopt different positions and thus providing them with more power. Your subconscious mind will receive a powerful Subliminal Cocktail.


Together, all these features and others make SUBLIMINAL XTREME SOFTWARE the most powerful Subliminal Messaging software on the planet.



Powerful Subliminal Cocktail


By mixing these techniques, Subliminal Xtreme produces an enormous amount of variations of your affirmations, increasing its power and making this Subliminal Messages Software, the most powerful on the planet.

This Powerful Subliminal Cocktail will make your dreams come true in the most direct, fast and easy way you can imagine.


Possible Uses of Subliminal Messages


Subliminal Xtreme can be used for many purposes. You can use Subliminal messaging to improve your life in many, many areas. A little list:

  • Become happier
  • Boost Creativity
  • Create Abundance

Subliminal Messages - Subliminal Afirmations software to create Wealth

  • Enhance sports performance
  • Make Fortune
  • Goal Setting
  • Have better relaxation
  • Have better relationships
  • Increase confidence and assertiveness
  • Improve memory skills
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Journey
  • Life enhancement
  • Lose weight
  • Persistence
  • Personal development
  • Reduce addictions and phobias
  • Reduce stress
  • Reinforcement of key study concepts
  • Revise for exams
  • Stop smoking
  • Teamwork
  • Therapy
  • Trust
  • Plus many, many more..




Limited Time Offer


For a limited time and the launch of the updated version of Subliminal Xtreme Software we are offering an incredible deal.

See what we are offering on this promotion:

Product 1 - Bilingual Subliminal Software License
Subliminal Messages Software - Subliminal ImagesThe package includes a license to install SUBLIMINAL XTREME SOFTWARE, with its own installer file. You just press the installer and the installation begins. This Subliminal Software can be used in English or Spanish. The interface, as the categories and affirmations can be used both in English and Spanish. Easy to use, pre-installed categories. You should only install and start enjoying the benefits of THE MOST POWERFUL SUBLIMINAL TECHNOLOGY. The categories are pre installed in versions for men and women.



Product 2 - Full manual in English
This manual is completely in English (also has a Spanish version). The images in the manual make it easy to understand and comments will help you understand more about subliminal technology and its benefits.



Product 3 - Lifetime Upgrades
Subliminal Xtreme evolves. Currently version 1.0.6 is that we are offering. Soon the software was improved to keep it the most powerful Subliminal Software on the planet.
You will receive any future updated version of the software you purchase today. That will allow you to always have the latest version.
His power over the circumstances will grow day by day.
Our standard offering includes one year of updates. and 10 dollars for upgrades after a year.
Today you can get updates for life. What a great promotion!




Proin With the products presented up to here, you can begin creating your life as you want with the power of Subliminal Messages.

We at Subliminalxtreme.com go further and we provide all the tools for your transit through the path of SUCCESS, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS be more pleasant and fast.

Therefore, we offer the following only the next 50 people who purchase SUBLIMINAL XTREME SOFTWARE.




Limited 50 people Offer



The following products are offered as bonuses only to the next person who acquires the POWERFUL SUBLIMINAL XTREME SOFTWARE.


Free Bonus 1 - Graphic Design Software – Basic
This is an easy to use software for retouching images. With this program you can take a picture of a desirable situation and insert your body or your face in that situation and then enter that picture on the powerful SUBLIMINAL XTREME. By entering your image in the software, this will repeat again and again to convince your subconscious mind that the picture presented is the reality. The result is that your mind will create a material reality in line with the reality of the image. It includes a small manual for your first steps with this powerful software.



Free Bonus 2 - Graphic Design Software – Advanced
For advanced users, we provide a powerful image editing software that is at the height of PhotoShop and other graphic design software. With this powerful tool you can create high quality images for use in SUBLIMINAL XTREME. The excellent images you can create with this powerful software will force your subconscious mind to accept whatever you want as an undeniable truth.



Free Bonus 3 - Help File for Advanced Design Software
The help file is an important source of learning or improving knowledge for advanced users. This software is advanced and with this help file you clarify doubts and give new impetus to your creations.



Free Bonus 4 - Isochronic Audio: Beta Session
This very powerful Isochronic Audio will take you through the Beta range of frequencies of the brain.
Your energy will soar, your attention at this time will improve, your cognition capabilities will have an extra push.
This isochronic Audio or Audio with Isochronic Tones can be used without headphones. And as to increase your energy, you can use with your eyes closed or open. The energy you will display convert it to you in a cheerful, magnetic and full of energy person that makes things happen. Important Note 1: This Isochronic Audio can be purchased separately at a price of 25 Dollars. .



These bonuses are included for a limited time only and soon cease to be included. If you want to get everything on this page and this discount, you must act now. Soon the price will increase and the bonuses are gone.



Special Gifts to disappear without notice


The gifts following are included only for a super limited period of time. Because these are special gifts will soon be removed without notice.




Subliminal and NLP Products 




Subliminal Videos and Subliminal Audios

Subliminal Videos and Subliminal Audios are other powerful ways to use Subliminal Messages for your own good.

This Subliminal package will include a powerful Subliminal Video for you to create your own Subliminal Cocktail.

We also include a Powerful Subliminal Audio for you to enjoy a deep relaxation with Binaural Beats while transforming your life.


Special Gift 1 - Subliminal Video
Subliminal money - Subliminal videosWith this powerful SUBLIMINAL VIDEO you will become a powerful manifestor. Everything you want will come to your life quickly.
The subliminal messages and images in this video will give new impetus to your life. This powerful subliminal video is available in several versions for you to download that fits over your computer.



Special Gift 2 - NLP Self-Improvement Audios:  Better Creative Thinking
Subliminal messages - Better Creative Thinking - Subliminal Audio - NLPGet Your Imagination Working Again

Everyone is creative to some extent. Most people are capable of very high levels of creativity; just look at young children when they play and imagine.

The problem is that this creativity has been suppressed by education. All you need to do is let it come back to the surface.

Take sixty minutes out to kick-start your inner idea machine. Begin churning out new and insightful ideas, thoughts and inventions that will amaze the world, with this awe-inspiring subliminal track.

You will soon discover that you are surprisingly creative.


This Neuro Linguistic Programming Audio (NLP audio) use unique advanced dual layer aural amplitude randomization methods to mask powerful positive affirmations mixed with binaural beats overlaid with the sounds of nature and soothing new age music.

CAUTION: DO NOT use this Audio Session while operating a motor vehicle or machinery!





Law of Attraction Products


The Law of Attraction is a term known by many people today and for that you know more in depth this term and know how to apply it to create the life of WEALTH, SUCCESS and HAPPINESS you deserve, we include special products to understand, implement and work the Law of Attraction.

Remember: The Secret of Success is to understand, implement and make work properly the Law of Attraction in your life.


Special Gift 3 - Book: Discover The Secret Power Of Universal Laws!
Subliminal Messages - The Secret Universal LawsDid you know that hidden behind our existence are the most potent laws that govern us all?

These hidden forces or powers are known as the ‘laws of the universe’, and they exert unlimited influence over our lives each and every day, whether we are aware of it or not…
True power and autonomy comes when you understand these universal laws and know how to harness them for goodness and gain.

Would you like to know more about the universal laws that everybody, whether consciously or unconsciously, adheres to?

Do you realize that learning more about them and applying them to your daily life can take you to a much higher level of attainment in all aspects of your life?

Yes, you CAN discover how to master these hidden powers of universal laws starting today, and embrace a more powerful, successful future… it’s time to find out how!

 This POWERFUL Book is sold for 47 dollars, you can buy separately here: www.thesecretoflawofattraction.info.




Special Gift 4 - Book: Law of Attraction: Dreams Come True!
Subliminal Messages - The Secret - Law of Attraction - BookControl Your Own Life and Achieve Your Dreams With The Law Of Attraction.

Ever imagined how amazing it would be to achieve success like other people? Ever though to yourself, ‘How come they find success so easily?’ Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the touch that turns everything into gold? Ever wished it was YOU that could achieve success as easily?

Here is what this book will teach you....

How to use your mind to create your own destiny:

How Outlooks Affect Your Daily Practices

How To Use The Laws of Nature to Achieve Success by it Coming to You

The True Secret of Success

The great Buddha himself taught these practices, he said, “What you have become is what you have thought.” This is ancient wisdom that will never lose its truth as proved in the hundreds of years since it was first spoken. Now YOU can learn to use this wisdom to help you map out the rest of your life.

 This POWERFUL Book is sold for 35 dollars, you can buy separately here:



Self Hypnosis products 



Special Gift 5 - Self Hypnosis audio: Law of Attraction: Dreams Come True!
Subliminal Messages - The Secret - Law of Attraction - Self Hypnosis - AudioSelf-Hypnosis; is a naturally occurring state of mind which can be defined as a heightened state of focused concentration (trance), with the willingness to follow simple or complex instructions

Now You can use hypnosis for the law of attraction with powerful self hypnosis audio.

Your dreams are to become a powerful material reality. The Powerful sounds of this audio will take you to a relaxed and receptive state, while a voice guides your mind towards your desires.
Re programming your mind will occur naturally and fast.

CAUTION: DO NOT use this Self Hypnosis Session while operating a motor vehicle or machinery!

 This POWERFUL Audio is sold for 20 dollars, you can buy separately here: www.thesecretoflawofattraction.info.



Special Gift 6 - Creativity Unleashed:  Hypnotherapy  Audio
Subliminal messages - Unleashed CreativityThis bonus consists of 4 audios to help you get into a relaxed state, producing the induction necessary for you to unleash the potencal of your creativity and bring you back to a normal beta state, awake. With these audios your creativity will begin to generate the life you want and deserve.

CAUTION: DO NOT use this Self Hypnosis Session while operating a motor vehicle or machinery!




Audio Books products



                Special Gift 7 - Audio Book The Science of Getting Rich
THERE is a Science of getting rich, and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches; once these laws are learned and obeyed by any man, he will get rich with mathematical certainty.

The ownership of money and property comes as a result of doing things in a certain way; those who do things in this Certain Way, whether on purpose or accidentally, get rich; while those who do not do things in this Certain Way, no matter how hard they work or how able they are, remain poor.

It is a natural law that like causes always produce like effects; and, therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way will infallibly get rich.




Our Unconditional 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here is why you have absolutely nothing to lose and absolutely everything to win. SubliminalXtreme.com offers the best no-risk, no-worry, cant-lose, refund policy in the industry!

We are going to remove any hesitation you may have by making a guarantee few dare make.


100% No-Questions Asked, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
We Guarantee 100% SATISFACTION or your money back. If at any time you are no 100% SATISFIED with our SUBLIMINAL SOFTWARE, you may discontinue use of the product and remove it from your system at any time with sixty (60) days of downloading the same for a full refund of the purchase price.


Why we offer such a guarantee?

Simple, we are so confident that our products produce results for our customers and that they will do what we say they will do that we can offer this without fear of loss or abuse.

We know our products are the best in the industry and we are ready to prove it.
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P.P.S. The current bonuses are included for a limited time only.

Subliminal Messages Software - Windows software

Mac Users need to install additional software










 60 Day 100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee 

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