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Subliminal Learning Demonstrated In Human Brain

Although the idea that instrumental learning can occur subconsciously has been around for nearly a century, it had not been unequivocally demonstrated. Now, a new study published by Cell Press in the August 28 issue of the journal Neuron used sophisticated perceptual masking, computational modeling, and neuroimaging to show that instrumental learning can occur in the human brain without conscious processing of contextual cues.

"Humans frequently invoke an argument that their intuition can result in a better decision than conscious reasoning," says lead author Dr. Mathias Pessiglione from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at the University College London. "Such assertions may rely on subconscious associative learning between subliminal signals present in a given situation and choice outcomes." For instance, a seasoned poker player may play more successfully because of a learned association between monetary outcomes and subliminal behavioral manifestations of their opponents.


IMPORTANT: The researchers include Mathias Pessiglione, University College London, London, UK, INSERM U610, Universite´ Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France; Predrag Petrovic, University College London, London, UK Jean Daunizeau, University College London, London, UK; Stefano Palminteri, INSERM U610, Universite´ Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France; Raymond J. Dolan, University College London, London, UKand Chris D. Frith, University College London, London, UK.

Cell Press (2008, August 28). Subliminal Learning Demonstrated In Human Brain. ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 28, 2012, from


The Power of Subliminal Stimulus
  • Research showed that peoples responses to a given stimulus were statistically lower when subjects were consciously aware, but when the stimuli was presented in a subliminal fashion the response rate was significantly higher.
  • Despite people being unaware of the stimuli, measurements suggest that our minds do still become aware. This suggests that while the mind is not consciously aware of any messages, the subconscious mind can pick up on the subliminal information and respond in the same way as if it was received under regular conditions.

Shevrin, H. "Does the Averaged Evoked Response Encode Subliminal Perception? Yes." (1975).



Subliminal Motivation

"So was Vicary correct after all? Can we be prompted to think that we are thirsty not because of the time since our last drink, the state of our taste receptors, or the fluid needs of our tissues, but solely because of a word or scene that has been processed nonconsciously? ...our findings, along with the growing body of research in social cognition, suggest that there might be some truth to the suggestion that our motivational states are affected - and might even be caused - by preconsciously perceived stimuli." (Pg. 2225.)

Cooper, Joel and Grant Copper (2002), “Subliminal Motivation: A Story Revisited,” Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 32 (11), 2213-2227.


Subliminal Enhancements Boost Learning Capacity
  • University students were split into groups and exposed to either to a subliminal message, or a control message immediately after class over a period of 12 sessions of 4 millisecond duration messages.
  • Students who had received the subliminal messages ended up performing better in their end of year exams than students who received the control message.
  • The researchers concluded that subliminally stimulating students to feel better about themselves enabled them to learn more efficiently.


Cook, H., Ph.D. "Effects of Subliminal Symbiotic Gratification and the Magic of Believing on Achievement." Psychoanalytic Psychology (1985).


Strong Reactions To Subconscious Messages
  • Spoken statements hidden by white noise at increasing volume levels were played to test subjects.
  • Stronger physiological reactions were observed in subjects exposed to the messages which masked by loud white noise and inaudible, than when the volume was actually lower and the messages were somewhat audible.
  • Research concluded that completely inaudible messages were capable of reaching the human mind, and of having a physiological effect.

Bornstein, R.F, Leone, D.R. and Galley, D.J. "The Generalizability of Subliminal Mere Exposure Effects: Influence of Stimuli Perceived Without Awareness on Social Behavior." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (1987).


Cure Agoraphobia
  • 32 patients were treated by being exposed to videos twice per week for a period of three weeks. Three of the groups saw the same movie - a selection of agoraphobic scenes, while the control group saw a potter working on his wheel. The three test groups included one group who viewed it at a level below the visual threshold (the subliminal group), one seeing it under normal conditions (the regular group), and the third was exposed to both subliminal and regular viewing as the study progressed (the faded group).
  • The faded group showed the greatest improvement out of all of the groups. The improvement was maintained over a twelve week review period.
  • These findings findings indicate that both subliminal and regular presentation of messages can be effective in reducing agoraphobic behavior, but when combining subliminal messaging with regular viewing there is an even greater effect.

Lee, I., Tyrer, P. and Horn, S., "A comparison of Subliminal, Supraliminal and Faded Phobic Cine-Films in the Treatment of Agoraphobia. " British Journal of Psychiatry (1983).


Improve Study Skills
  • 60 college students on a summer law course for 6 weeks received subliminal messages before 3 of their 5 lectures per week, as also before and after a brief minute counseling session.
  • The subjects exposed to subliminal messaging achieved significantly higher grades than the others, which were consistent with other earlier studies.

Parker, K.A. "Effects of Subliminal Symbiotic Stimulation on Academic Performance: Further Evidence on the Adaptation-Enhancing Effects of Oneness Fantasies." Journal of Counseling Psychology (1982).


Helps to Quit Smoking


  • Thirty-four people underwent a 3-week, group-oriented smoking cessation therapy package.

  • Results showed that the subliminal messages affected post-treatment smoking behavior of the group. i.e. the people who received subliminal messages after their regular therapy had a lower rate of relapse into smoking again.

A follow up study by Palmatier and Bornstein found that "subliminal messaging noticeably improved the progress of subjects attempting to quit smoking", when compared to the group not exposed to subliminal messages.

Palmatier, J.R., and Bornstein, P.H. "Effects of Subliminal Stimulation of Symbiotic Merging Fantasies on Behavioral Treatment of Smokers." The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (1980).


Losing Weight & Healthy Eating
  • Silverman et al conducted two experiments on subliminal perception with groups of 26 and 30 women. The women were at least 15% overweight. There were 2 groups, a 'subliminal group' and a 'control group'. Both groups were given some education on weight loss and healthy eating i.e. how to record calories accurately, eating at regular meal times, and how to reward themselves for eating healthily.
  • At the start and end of all the sessions, everyone was asked to image a situation in which they would be tempted to over eat. At this point they were exposed to a subliminal message for 4 milliseconds. Either a weight loss based subliminal message for the subliminal group or a neutral subliminal message for the control group.
  • In both cases the 'subliminal group' lost more weight than the control group, with the subliminal group losing significantly more by the end of the follow up period. It was concluded that the use of subliminal messaging was able to help people reduce their over eating habits.


Silverman, L.H., Martin, A., Ungaro, R., and Mendelsohn, E. "Effect of Subliminal Stimulation of Symbiotic Fantasies on Behavior Modification Treatment of Obesity." Clinical Psychology (1978).

Another study conducted by Dr. Becker et al showed that the use of subliminal messages can have astounding results:

  • In Metairie, Louisiana, at Dr. Becker's weight loss clinic his patients heard both cassette tape subliminal messages and videotapes containing subliminals.
  • One woman lost 100 pounds within one year. In a follow up Dr. Becker found 50% of the patients maintained over half their weight loss for up to two years following the subliminal program. Even more impressively 23% maintained between 75% and 100% of their total weight loss. These figures were significantly better than diet programs in which he did not use subliminal messaging. subliminal messages.



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