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Subliminal Advertising Leaves Its Mark On The Brain

University College London researchers have found the first physiological evidence that invisible subliminal images do attract the brain's attention on a subconscious level. The wider implication for the study, published in Current Biology, is that techniques such as subliminal advertising, now banned in the UK but still legal in the USA, certainly do leave their mark on the brain.

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Twilight Learning: Looking Back and Forward to the Possibilities of Subliminal Messages

The concept of the subliminal message is now familiar. A subconscious suggestion can help a person bring about positive change, such as smoking cessation, or otherwise influence one's actions. The science behind reaching this suggestive state and how to successfully present a message of change has its own journey.

The Peniston Protocol, successfully used for alcoholism and posttraumatic stress disorder, and other new research studies have expanded on Twilight Learning. These projects are providing new evidence of what subliminal stimulation can do and are exploring new areas, such as influencing physical healing.

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Subliminal Messages Motivate People To Actually Do Things They Already Wanted To Do

How is it possible that you were not planning on going shopping, but that you still end up going and even return home with four new pairs of trousers? Apparently you really did want to go shopping but were not consciously aware of it. Dutch researcher Martijn Veltkamp has demonstrated that you can motivate people with subliminal messaging: quickly flashing words onto a screen without their noticing. This is only successful, however, if the subliminal message matches a biological need and if the behaviour is associated with a positive effect.


NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) (2009, July 1). Subliminal Messages Motivate People To Actually Do Things They Already Wanted To Do. ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 28, 2012, from


Subliminal Smells Bias Perception About A Person's Likeability

The conclusions fit with recent studies using visual stimuli that suggest that top-down control mechanisms in the brain can be exerted on unconscious processing even though individuals have no awareness of what is being controlled.

Besides Li, the study's co-investigators include Isabel Moallem, Loyola University; Ken Paller, professor of psychology in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences at Northwestern; and Jay Gottfried, assistant professor of neurology at Feinberg and senior author of the paper.

"When sensory input is insufficient to provoke a conscious olfactory experience, subliminal processing prevails and biases perception," Paller said. "But as the awareness of a scent increases, greater executive control in the brain is engaged to counteract unconscious olfaction."

The study adds to a growing body of research suggesting that subliminal sensory information -- whether from scents, vision or hearing( Subliminal Xtreme Software, produce subliminal text and subliminal images, our comment) -- affects perception. "We are beginning to understand more about how perception and memory function," Paller said, "by taking into account various types of influences that operate without our explicit knowledge."

*The paper "Subliminal Smells Can Guide Social Preferences" was published in the December issue of Psychological Science.


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Subliminal Messages Can Influence People In Surprising Ways

The studies, led by cognitive scientist Dr. Ran Hassin of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Psychology Department, show that the subliminal presentation of a national symbol affects not only political attitudes, but also voting intentions and actual voting in general elections.


Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2008, January 5). Subliminal Messages Can Influence People In Surprising Ways. ScienceDaily. Retrieved July 28, 2012, from



How Advertisements Manipulate Behavior


Can subliminal advertisements influence our behavior? New research says yes...

In brief:

  • For decades the public has feared subliminal advertising, viewing it as akin to brainwashing. Scientists, however, view it as largely a myth.
  • Recent experiments demonstrate that subliminal messages flashed onto a screen or computer monitor can influence our decisions only if we are open to persuasion because of a particular need, such as thirst.
  • Despite our fear of being manipulated, our surroundings exert an unconscious influence on our decisions every day. For example, the smell of grilling meats can make us feel hungry, and the music in a supermarket can steer us toward certain purchases.



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